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I'm going to say this and ask this very bluntly, "If you enjoy writing or love writing, why won't most of you put in the actual work that goes behind it? I preach, and I preach, do the research, correct mistakes, writing isn't beautiful when it's severely polluted with mistakes and words being misused. Most of you don't even correct the simplest grammar mistakes either, your when it should be you're, and there instead of they're or their, it's frustrating seeing people say they love writing, but won't put in the effort, I don't give a damn about spelling most of the time or when someone uses text lingo, but grammar usage better be on point or I'm officially uninterested in the whole write."

Ps, "I truly do want you all to get better, especially if you love writing as much as I." That is all. 


  • Jul 25, 2022

  • Well said. 👏

    Jul 26, 2022

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