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Painful than living in hell 
This is my last tears 
I seems to be good but fire is burning under my shell
Despite giving all that I have you still don't consider my tears 
I'll weep no more, this is my last tears 

I wasted time of chasing after trophies 
I carry around my neck bunches of trouble in many boxes 
I tie around my neck thy memories like necklace
Despite my struggle, I have to quit the race 
I weep no more, this is my last tears 

Why so stubborn like an angry cow 
Did you see in my hand a clever and glowing knife?
Or ye have foresee my unfortunate future
If so,I shall let ye go for I wish not to be torture
However, seems difficult and undo but this knee must bow 
Who shall wipe away my last tears pumping out like an angry water from an open stream

My last tears 
Let it go and focus on the new heaven 
Leave the demon alone if not you'll keep living loneliness
Wise up and work for the fortunate morrow
Surely another heaven shall be open tomorrow 
Take up thy bed and walk out of this foolishness
Cry out thy last tears if necessary it's normal

My broken life shall never forget you 
You have done very worst that has caused me flu 
I shall weep no more my dear beloved demon
I wish if your memories in me can never be summon 
This is my last tears 
And I wave you a final wave, adieu

© Bolualabi. O 


  • Jul 24, 2022

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