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When the end times come
And the people won’t say
That their GOD is the GOD
Who has saved their lives
Will we hear the rocks
And plants begin to sing
Giving praises to
The undisputed KING

People will come
To realize their mistakes
They’ve made
In the days of their lives
But the plants give glory
To the GOD on high
With their displays
Of colors and life

Who are we to keep mum
When the Earth gives praise
When all nature bows down
And their voices raise
Are we not able
To sing a new song
To our GOD above
In a joyful throng

Lift your voices now
Let them echo long
With the words of praise
To our GOD who loves
All his children today
Because of HIS son
That they are redeemed
Because of the ONE

Who died on the cross
For the ones who were called
For the children lost
For the young and the old
Can we not see
What true love can be
When the heart is shared
With everyone


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