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Dear sons and daughters of melanin
Ye are the replica word for beauty 
Warlord of beauty, a hero and heroine 
A gate pass into peaceful paradise 
The most wonderful created colour, listen not to their prejudice 

Dear sons and daughters of melanin 
Behold thy prestigious beauty a toxic pill like chlorine
A shining skin that showers goodness to the  loveless heart 
An unstressful colour specially made please do not blat 
Ye are the gods of beauty
Black is gold, it's the reality 

This is not tribe or culture but colour 
Very bright, secretive and marvelous
A colour of truthfulness, thick and not a buguilers 
A shining skin that always glitters 
Black is beautiful and gold accept this reality

Undiluted skin 
A second rated skin 
But mighty than the most welcome skin 
Just a flame scintilate to rough skin and Make it keen 
Dear colour covered with melanin
Believe ye the the gods and goddesses of beauty 
Black is gold 

© Bolualabi. O 


  • Jul 23, 2022

  • awesome and timely

    Jul 23, 2022

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