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Profound is my pen
I bleed not blood but sense 
With a condensed brick to build the world a strong wall 
I roar like a lion and my pen as a defensive claw
There's a poet in me 

Like a lost sheep that remember no more his source 
Like a river that flows without regarding his source 
A crop that grows without feeding by the nutrients of the rain
A light that shines but can't see a thing
If I found not this poet in me it may cause an everlasting pain 

Gladly I can see this path
Where I can see some stars 
Some legends that fuel my cars 
Bards that make me like one of them and return me a beautiful regards 
A big bow for almighty that brings me into the garden of bards 

Open up the gate of heaven
And let the venous of my pen be lifted up by  the ravens of heaven 
Let me rain peace through my sword into the burning fire like an oven 
Listen to my pen and take a pill to the weak so they can be strengthen 
For them that live without a star come and take a pill that gives stars of seven 

To those who has been drenched in the river of tears 
Let thy request be made know unto God for he really cares 
For the barrens, listen not to the noise of the world 
And to the weak there's power in you to rule the world
This pen is a gun that full with an unfinished bullet
Neither war nor commotion but peace to the world I wish to beget 
Far above the sky I received inks and through masters a poet is birthed in me 

© Bolualabi. O 


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