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He loved me with everything he had
He was there,he showed up
He moved mountains. 
He was understanding and Loving
He is wise,he is a critical thinker
He was my advisor, only that I didn't listen 
In his actions he showed me how my behaviors were slowly draining him
Yet my ignorance, my ignorance 
Now all my actions led to the end of a beautiful love story 
My comforter left ,My pride left am all alone
Loving someone and not knowing how to communicate and not listen when they correct you will rob you of that which you hold so dear.

Never called him Bae coz I was too shy to do so.He was like my father yet my ungratefulness, my naiveness..
I loved him will always love him 

  1. He has been through so much, he has cried enough and he is tired and am letting him go.
I want him to be happy, I  don't want to keep hurting him, I have done enough damage. 

I love him so much I want to stay so much but If I stay I will make his life miserable.
I thought it was a  love story we were going to tell our kids.
But oh well 
I have been cut off ,I get where he is coming from and I am happy for him
I will forever be grateful I had a chance with him.

I pray he gets someone better, someone ready to give him the love I couldn't express rightly

Boy I love you and I want you to get the very best in life 
I believe in you, I have always believed in you and I will continue.


  • Jul 22, 2022

  • Jul 23, 2022

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