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I always get a feeling life is like Math,not that we use numbers on our everyday chores but rather that we are administered by numbers for survival. There comes a time when you will live under the control of people around you rather than the decision you make yourself. I relate that to an exponential equation whereby a vertical shift willl affect the whole equation rather than only the Y-coordinate of the turning point. We should however,not live life being dependent on others but rather live our lives for our ownselves. That just relates to finding the value of "X". X always needs to be independent in the end. If you leave an answer like 3X then you sure have not yet answered the question and you still need to further simplify until X is independent. That is just how we should be,like X. Living life pleasing people should tell you that the decisions you are to make are not of the real you but the people whom you intend on pleasing. Turning points of your life should result to changes,bad turning points to improvement and good turning points need to be sustained. Just like a cubic function in calculus,whenever you want to determine the turning points there is something which you do that changes the whole equation which is "DERIVING". You should also derive your own life to improve or to sustain those changes. A triangle is made up 180 degrees and that is just how you should be,EDUCATION,LOVE AND GOD should be what make you to be a prosperous being in life,each of them making 60 degrees. A triangle that does not add up to 180 can never be called one and that is how you should be,if one aspect is missing then scout for it to be complete. Life has ups and downs just like a cubic function,concave up and down,but you should just pretend as if its a straight line so that ups and downs do not overwhelm you like a linear equation:Y=mx c. Some say why is Maths so simple yet it is a mountain to others. Life is not simple,so is Maths to some. Life is not Maths,and Maths is not life,they just blend yet one is distinct from the other. Think of an equation to change your life and everything will just turn out simple


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