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Unlike Those

False klat

Them a 

Blood Klat.

Gun shot

Dem Tom Klat!

Don’t want that.

Real pussy Cat

Over klat,

On my Lap.

No never a 

False Klat,

Dogs they 

Attack Nonstop.

Look over there,

Hear I call-ing Cat

“ Here-pussy-pussy “,

Hear Me a’ call Cat.


Come a responding chat,

Must be a Chinese 

Pussy Car that!

Come over 

Here and sit

On My Lap,

Hug You and rub You,

Cause Cat a’ like


Tickle the  furr ,

Until You  purrrrrrr

Like that.

Pussy Cat go

And Pussy come


But them Tom Klat ,

One deceiving Klat.

Tend to Pree 


But can’t move

Like That.

Chinese Tail


As the Mant-ese 


Poacher I 

Become when They

Trod this Land.

Cross Eye

Turn Lip

Spliff Tail Sag,

Man-ese  deserve

Only drop in a bag,

Cross Eye

Turn lip

Spliff Tail Sag,

Anybody see a 

Klat tail in swag?


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