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I love you 
But do you love me 
I have come so far 
From over the sea
I came cause we are ment to together 
I didn't want us to be apart 
I was gonna let nothing 
Become in between are harts

Coming to Jamaica to get the man i love 
Was worth doing all of the things I wrote above 

Ask your self this now 7 months on 
Do you really love me 
Do you really care 
And if ever I need you 
You will always be there
You will never lie or cheat on me 
Like the men I've had in my past 
And the relationship I have you do want to last cause 
Delano I asked my self the same 
Do I still love you 
Do I still care 
And if you need me will I always be there 
Will I lie be loyal to you
The answer was yes I'm so in love with you
 yes I care more than you know 
I will be there and hope we grow 
I promise I'll never cheat ,I promise to never lie 
You are all I want and need to the day I die 

But right now are relationship 
Really ain't good 
And is not going the way it really should 

And I really don't know how to fix wats broke 
Are relationship feels like I joke 
We can keep going the way that we are 
But just know this this Delano I love you for who you are 
Your ment to be my lover and best friend 
This is one relationship I wanna work 
And wanna try to mend 
I don't just wanna walk away 
And regret it the very next day 
I've never loved no one like I love you 
Do you feel the same be honest and true 
The only way this will work 
Is if we both start to talk.cause one day we will give up and one of us will walk 
Delano I can't see life with out you 
I don't want no one else 
But we have to start talking and be true to are self's 
I'm not blaming you  
I'm not blaming me 
The people I blame 
Is the two of we 
We both gotta put in what we want to get out 
If there's a problem in stead of the screams and the shouts
the kissing of teeth and trying to make people for smaller we want this to work 
Once and for all


  • Jul 20, 2022

  • Jul 21, 2022

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