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Why can't life be easy 
With out arguments and fights 
Cause arguments makes ya head hurt 
And make u feel uptight 

In arguments you say things 
That you really don't mean 
You can't take back wat you say 
And you come across mean 

You argue with your partner your mother and kids to 
You get yourself all worked up 
And end up regretting wat you do 

How many arguments 
End up in a way u don't wish 
Wen they could just be sorted with sorry 
And a hug or a kiss

Things get spiteful wen u argue 
You can kick out or throw things 
Then wen that argument is done 
You find u lost everything 

You didn't want that out come 
And u regret wat ya did 
Now you left with nothing 
Not ya partner mother kids 

Or you manage to get over that argument 
Till that next argument comes 
But this time it went to far
And you lost everyone

People really do need to start talking 
Instead of being cruel with there tounges
Cause you tounge can hurt more than violence 
And they blame them self's and hate them self's  for everything done 

Wen you love some one so much 
And you can't walk away 
Not every argument that you have 
Is your fault 
So don't listen to every thing they say 

If you love each other anough 
You should be able to work and sort things out
With out being nasty to each other with no need to scream and shout 

Sit each other down 
Have a heart to ♥  
Talk about the issue, deal with it  then throw it away 
Andd have a brand new start 

If a relationship is worth saving make up and both try to move on 
If a relationship is worth saving 
In arguments your both the guilty ones 

There's reasons  why things happen 
No one knows that reason why
But God only gives you what you can handle 
And he will try hep you understand y 

Your relationship you should have no secrets be honest and true 
Then as long as you both communicate 
That relationship will be gd to you 

Always support each other 
It will make your relationship tight 
With out all this fighting and arguing 
It will all end up just right 


  • Jul 20, 2022

  • Jul 21, 2022

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