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I love you 
Your my lover and best friend 
I love its you I need and depend 
You make me laugh you make me cry 
But you give me butterflies 🦋 

You touch me in a way like no other 
To me you are the world's best lover
I love u so much 
You really don't know 
The love I have for you just grows and grows

I never want to lose you 
You my best friend 
Losing you in my life 
Would really be my end 

I've been hurt real bad in my past 
They have never been nice 
And if they was it didn't last 

But what I will say is 
You have changed 
The love u gave and showed me is not the same 
You use to be proud of being seen with me 
Now you don't like going places with me 
You say you be 2 hours and be 4 or 5 
Stupid things like that hurt me inside 
You use to always smile and be happy 
Now u don't smile and don't wanna be round me 
You moan that I want sex all of the time u use to be the same 
Now it's like your pushing me away 
Today you said your feeling the same way as my son 
All I asked was whos on the phone 
Everything I say you jump down my kneck are arguments are turning me into a wreak 
Scared to say something incase whaT I say makes you go 
 i love u so i need u i cant live life with out you the love i have hurts for true 
Delano plz dont leave me please dont go
Cause  i reAlly really love u so.


  • Jul 19, 2022

  • Ichi Go

    Ichi Go

    Poorly written, wonderful message though.

    Jul 19, 2022

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