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My man is my everything wT can I say 
I've never loved a man in this wY 
But wen we argue 
It hurts real bad 
But he's better than any man I've ever had

But right now today I'm feeling low 
Got no friends to talk to no where to go 
He can be quite spiteful with his tongue 
Over something silly what I done 
All I asked was who on the phone 
It turned into a big argument and he moaned and moaned 
Told me are relationship is going the same way as my sons 
Which makes me think he's the tired one 
He says basically I'm pushing him that way 
I know I'm insecure and find hard to trust b
But in past I've been hurt realbad 
In every realistic I've ever had 
They all ch0eatepd they all lied 
They basically killed my heart in side 
10 years I've not really loved another put all my guards up in a result of the things they done 
I'm always wondering wen his turn will come 
I know if it he cheats 
I know I couldn't cope 
Plz pap me some long rope 
I love this Man 
He's taught me to cry 
The worst thing he did was tell me a lie 
Now I wonder wen his next lie would come 
I've been faithful honest cause he's my one 
I need him can't lose him he my life my only friend 

I cry over every Rgument 
And don't know why 
I just know it hurts me right inside 
My tummy goes in knots and I feel sick 
My arguments with him do all this 

At times it feels like he's ashamed and embarrassed of me 
He can't wait to go out and live like he's free
It's me I know I'm gonna lose him to some one else 
Cause he basically said ,he he's a man and is looking out for himself 
Living his life just for him 
Said other things were do I begin 
He sId if he had a baby mom he wouldn't of even looked at me 
So why does he wanna be with me he said basically his love for me has changed and don't feel the same 
Cause we argue all the time 
But even after saying that I still want him mine 
He says he will be two hours he takes 4 
It's like he prefers being with his friends a whole lot more 
He breaks every promise that makes 
Why can't he just keep one for god sake 
Some times I think he hates me 
Some times I think he hates the seax that we have 
He's the best man I've ever had and I thinki live the sex 
He is my everything
I don't know how to make him happy again 
We're he wants me as his best friend 
To take me places and be proud of me 
Just like we use be 
Delano I love you 
Please don't go 
Cause my life will be over 
If you let me go 
I'm sorry I argue 
I'm sorry thing that I've done 
Delano Williams your my only one my number one my everything I have no happiness no joy with out you I never thought I'd ever love again 
But fell Madley deeply in love with you 


  • not bad. a few things I would revisit but not bad at all

    Jul 23, 2022

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