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Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
One day a man went to pray on a mountain asking God to show his face to him in other to worship him truly. And that night when he went to sleep at the feet of the mountain, he dreamed that, he was standing at a prison gate and in that prison, there was a young beautiful woman who he often times bully and even at times put her on hunger for day in other to torture her… at that moment, he saw thieves break into the prison to kill him. After struggling with the thieves for sometime, the prisoner realized that the prison guard was about to be brutally defeated. She pleaded the man to free her so she can help. But he ignored the woman. When he was now tired and got no refuge, he fell flat on the ground and the key fell and entered the prison. The woman quickly took the key, opened and defeated all the thieves and saved the prison guard. 


  • Jul 18, 2022

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