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  Month is October. Date, the 28th. Year, 2045.

  It's been exactly 11 years since the end of World War Three. The major countries involved:

1. United States
2. Japan
3. United Kingdom
4. Australia 
5. China
6. South Korea
7. Brazil
8. Saudi Arabia 
9. Canada
10. Egypt
11. South Africa

  Held a conference in the capital of France. A neutral country since the end of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. They discussed the future for humanity, the planet and the power struggle between the 11 world super powers and 5 mega powers:

1. Unite States
2. Japan
3. United Kingdom
4. Australia 
5. China

  One of the representatives for China suggested a central world government. No one opposed the idea, they thought it was a good idea.
  "A central, united government, ruled by who?" Asked one of the representatives from South Korea.
  "No existing country!" Answered someone from Canada.
  "Why not?" Asked a representative from the United States.
  "It'll be doomed from the start! Especially not from the countries part of the Big 11 or Mega 5."
  "Fine, I guess."

  The conversation went back and forth. Figuring out who should be in charge of the new world government and what to call it.

Day 2 of the Big 11 Conference

  They came back the next day. Representatives from Brazil and South Korea brought plans back to the table.

  "Switzerland." A representative from South Korea brought up.
  "Switzerland?" Asked everyone around the large table.
  "They can be the new government. They're neutral, nonbias, and perfect in every other aspect!"
  "Have you talked to them about this? We can't force them to be the leading country for this massive project." A United Kingdom representative brought up.
  "We asked them last night," A Brazilian representative included, "infact, they came up with the new design for the whole thing, here."

  New Country/ Government Name:
United Central Nations- Bern

 Seven Divisions and their Capitals:
1. North America- Ontario 
2. Central America- Mexico City
3. South America- Brasilia 
4. Europe- London
5. Africa- Cape Town
6. Asia- Tokyo
7. Oceania- Wellington

  All the country's representatives looked at the new layout intensely. Figuring what and where goes. How it's balanced.

  "What about the nukes the United States and the others have?" Asked a representative from Saudi Arabia. The representatives from China and the United States glared at the representative from Saudi Arabia with disgust and hate.
  "We'll get back with you tomorrow." Answered someone from South Korea.

Day 3 of the Big 11 Conference

  Day three. South Korea and Brazil came back with the answers from last night's late question. 
  "Switzerland,  known as United Central Nations, that a few will dispersed around the globe, a few will be held within the United Central Nations borders and a large amount will be taken a part." Answered a Brazilian representative.
  "How much is a large amount?" Asked a Chinese and American representative.
  "There are 2,000 nukes, largely in the hands of the United States and Russia. The plan is to keep at least 400 of them. At least 250 will be kept in the borders of the new country and the rest will be dispersed around the world except for in North America and Asia Division. For security reasons."
  "Now wait a minute-" complained a United States representative.
  "The rest will be taken a part. That's final."

  Representatives from China and the United States argued with the rest of the Big 11 representatives. No other progress were being made. A vote was being held. The representatives from the United States and China refused to support the new government until their needs were met. For a few hours it was a stand still, United States nor China representatives were budging. They were being babies. Another 2 hours passed, and they came to an agreement. United States and China will keep only 50 nukes. Shared between them. They'll be stationed on the island of Guam, controlled by the United States but a few miles off the coast of China's shores.

  "Everyone will be able to keep the militaries." Brazilian representative brought up, "however, the United States will have to at least give 5 nuclear submarines to each of the Divisions."

  After the Big 11 Conference,  the bill went around the world to be signed by the head of state in each country. 190 countries. After nearly 4 years of waiting, the bill was quickly put into action.

  Switzerland officially changed their name to United Central Nations. All the countries joined under one government and the Divisions were officially established. A new world order has been established. 


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