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Mrs. Moon: "Emily. Etile! Come here please!"

*Sweating* "What is it, Mom, I was in the middle of training."

Emily: "Don't be rude big bro, Mom wants us."

Mrs. Moon: "I have a surprise for the both of you, I think you'll love it. He should be coming over soon."

Etile: "He?"

Mrs. Moon: "Yup."

Etile: "Is it dad?"

Mrs. "Moon: If I told you I wouldn't be a surprise, now would it?"

*Rolls his eyes and groans* "Whatever, I'm going back to training."

Emily: "Etile, come on now."

Mrs. Moon: "No you won't. You'll stay in the living room until he gets here."

Etile: "That's not fair! What if it takes him hours to get here!?"

Emily: "I'm with him, Mom. What if it does?"

Mrs. Moon: "I don't want to here any buts about it, now if you excuse me, I'm going to get dinner ready for his arrival."

Emily: "What are we having?"

Mrs. Moon: "His favorite."

Etile: "We're having a complete strangers-"

Mrs. Moon: "He's not a stranger."


Etile: "Mom, it's been three hours, where is he, and are you done with dinner?"

*Knock on the Door*

Mrs. Moon: "Ooo, he's here!"

Etile: "Finally!"

Emily: "Hehe. I can't wait to see who it is."

Etile: "I don't care, I'm giving him a piece of my mind for making us wait this long!"

Emily: "Even if it's, Dad?"

Etile: "Especially if it's, Dad!"

Voice: "Hey, Mom, glad to see you again."

Etile and Emily: "Mom!?!?"

Mrs. Moon: *Crying tears of joy* "I'm so happy to see you again too baby!"

Voice: "Haha"

Emily: "I know that chuckle..."

Etile: "That voice..."

Voice: "Hey you two, long time no see. How have you been doing?"

Emily and Etile: *Both crying* "Elon!" 

Elon: *Smiling and hugging them* "I've missed you two too."

Mrs. Moon: *Wiping tears from her eyes* "Let's go eat. It's your Favorite, Elon."

Elon: "Blue Crab and fried shrimp?"

Mrs. Moon: "Yup."

Elon: "Thanks, Mom, your the best!"

Emily: *Whispers into Etile's ear* "Going to give him a piece of your mind?"

Etile: "Shut up."

All four of them enjoyed the delicious seafood banquet that Mrs. Moon prepared. Laughing and smiling, enjoying the return of Elon Moon.


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