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Am so furious like an angry lion
My heart is burning of an anger 
After tasting your bitter love I choose to die of hunger 
You're not smoothish but a burning iron 
In vexation, thy picture shall live in my vexation 

Why did you say yes 
Why don't you shun me then and today I'll be bless 
Why don't you make it clear 
Why do you have to deceive me that heaven is hell 

Vexation, till eternity you shall live in my vexation
I am unamenable
A broken man I am, a whole undisputable 
Am no more in thy kingdom 
Since you left every night I live in boredom 
Forever we are enemy you shall live in my vexation 

You could have made it clear to me 
When I was promising heaven and earth for you 
You could have spoken up to me 
May be till eternity I'll cherish you 

Walking away without a word is why am dying
Speaking to me that am no worth is what's making me dying 
Like a walk on a sea show no path neither a foot sign
You walked away silently without showing a sign 
Oh yeah I was blind and deaf to your signs

Can a blood clean blood?  
Your past can never clean from my board 
For now am living in vexation and in rage ship I board 
You knew truly have fallen into your love 
You should have let me wise than this hurt 
Rage, till eternity ye shall live in my vexation
Bolualabi. O  


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