The Spirit Of Jezebel: ControlšŸ„€ Read Count : 39

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You ever dealt with people when they didn't get things to go their way; they sabotage you??? If you've ever been in this position I know that you feel me, if not; keep living it'll happen soon. It is always the one's closest to you whom hurt you the most. I don't see how other PEOPLE SLEEP after doing loved one's or ANYONE WRONG, with good intentions.  Then they get mad when you cut them off. The hate and jealousy is real. If I ever cut anyone off; they gave me the scissors!! The spirit of JEZEBEL drives people. KNOWINGLY doing wrong but it remains right in their OWN selfish eyes!! LORD DELIVER ME FROM EVERY AHAB AND JEZEBEL SPIRIT THAT HAS TRIED TO DOMINATE AND CONTROL MY LIFE, IN JESUS NAME I PRAY. AMEN!!


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