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Theme:: Peer pressure


yes boldly I say it even once again it's all about choice
Innermost of all man  there lives right and wrong 
Frankly speaking, yes it's hard to see and pretend you didn't see yet its by choice 
Yes, it's hard to choose right over wrong 

We all die because we choose to run because life is running
We all get lost because we choose to go in their direction
Many danced because the world danced too 
Not knowing, they too can produce their best beat and dance to it 
They too can find a path on a river and swim over it 
Peer pressure only isn't the cause but our inner deamon 

Peer pressure is positive and negative, we only choose our choice
So why is it considered to be the caused of our death for it's by choice 
In us lives an angel of right and deamon of wrong
Why can't we be moved by creating our own right path 
But choose to get oppressed by their joy 
And lost in depressed for not tasting from that joy 

It's not an easy task to see but pretend not to see 
Peer pressure has caused anguish of life to many souls 
Thousands have lost their right path just for following what they see 
If only we can foresee our tomorrow
And think right that life is about running a race 
Managing thy own lane could brings honour 
But when get interfere in others we get disqualified
Peer pressure isn't what we should keep in our society
Let's weige a war and throw it into furnace of hell 

Nevertheless, we die by choice 
And we also live by choice 
We can hear and pretend we have no ear
We can see but pretend we are blind
We can fake death to live 
The steer is in our hand let's curb depression
And focus on what we can achieve without getting oppression 
Bolualabi. O 


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