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Joe murith

'tween Masadda and Samson
Comes sweet Amargedon
Where tormentors and the wretched
And too the unkind worlds they board
All hearken to the trumpet loud
And get blown up to heaven knows
The day the wind of justice blows

And within
All the scenes above
Is One ALPHA.... the OMEGA...

...He who the glory gave to Sam
and watched his humiliation come
A fall the idiot well deserved
And still watched him... Baldhead and Blind
Bring down the house the pillars broke
A sweet exit for Sam disgraced
And crushing end to his jailers pride 
In sudden turn of fates that none 
Could have foreseen 

Old Alpha too who silent watched
The stomping Romans strong and proud
Match sure to break Masadas gates
While Masaddans, weak and besieged
Chose death to life as Roman slaves
Forgetting Joseph's kingly dream
Fulfilled in brotherly slavery sale

Death Not in war but suicide mass
... that victory snatched from mighty Rome
AND too a million odds forfeit 
Of Masadda like in a bet 
As Godly willed and sealed unknown

Death not as said 
But own-hand made
...that on their feet will end your pain
Unseen and steal tormentors fun 
BUT too Forfeit a million ends
Unknown like Joe's Egyptian fates
In wait beyond Omega Watch

-With all the stupid things
Like Samson that I did and do
-And too the 'obvious' brilliant things
I should have done but didn't do
-Amid few friends And all the foes
-With cheer so rare and all of jeers

I choose to trust Old Alpha's watch
And make the best of what I do

I choose to hold till trumpet sounds
To end HIS watch so long along 
My trials for follies Samson like
And herald sweet Amargeddon
The day HIS wind of justice Blows



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