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So sweet and melodiously I sound
Fulfilling master's wish is my pride 
And making human's dream turn reality so they could become a bride
With my cool beating stick why do human make a lousy sound 
Why am I referred to as enemy of man 
But am only putting halt to  stressful  works of man 

Although, you're not to be scared of 
Holding your hands proofed you an innocent of what people say about you 
First I thought you're an evil and enemy of man 
Your words are cute and as cool as a dove 
You promised me to take me to where peace reign
Where there's no pain and rain 
Where I won't shivered of anything or feel pains
A place where power holding supply will be stable 
Where I won't cry of falling from a high tower

Absolutely I promised and sure will I 
It's my Master's wish to bring to eternity and so will I 
I reversed my cool stick when he gave order on him I rely 
If only he command to release thy hand not to come to eternity so will I 

Far away is a door made of gold
Therein is like a day full of light so bright 
Am not scared a pint for to get in there am so bold
Suddenly my head swelled up and heard noises like that in the hell 
The hands I held softly started becoming so aggressive
And I wish not going for that cried resemble that of my mum 

He becomes so rough and tough 
The more aggressively he pulled me forward 
The more an unseen force pulling me backward 
I could see nothing again but darkness and heat just like that of hell
I thought he said here is place of no pain and tears 
But up here rolling down a flood of tears 
For now I realized am not on a journey but already dead 

Lucky I am for finally we got at the golden gate but was locked
An image of a strong body oh no it's unformed but full of light and stars 
On the top crowned a tall big and shining stars 
Seeing him up there I felt relieved and peace all over 
And I see the man on a beautiful black coat no more
He moved up to me and raised my up on his shoulder
I saw mum and Dad crying and shouting like a thunder 
It was there them, their flood of prayer took me back home 

I am saved for they prayed fervently for my released from this angel
I swimmed back to living through their flood of tears 
Death, from now till eternity we have become an enemy 
Wait for me till I grow very old and I'll surely confront thee for  lying stweetly for me 
Bolualabi. O 


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