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He never asked for understanding
It was a cause as lost as he
And so not many knew him
Though few as well as me
I'd watched him dance through my heart
For months
I'd seen truth in all his tears
He didn't show to anyone
He lived in chronic darkness
Like the Hatter, he was mad
But there were lines within his soul
For every thought he'd ever had
And he was taught when he was young
His light side wouldn't pay
So he locked it deep inside
But it never went away
A soul of light in darkness
In a war with heart and mind
True, he was cruel, and vengeful, too
But I saw a deeper side.
In the end, I saw too much
I think that's the truth
Always late but just in time
To get lost once again
He never asked for understanding
I never asked to lose a friend
But one lost all the laughter
We eye each other wearily
Across that great divide
We never asked for understanding
But we know each other's minds
Insanity's the one thing
We both couldn't leave behind


  • Jul 15, 2022

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