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It's all rooted in place, every little stitch.
Words for days, I'm not the one who plays.
Give me the rock and I'll flush it,
White wash it, make it useless;
You're gonna lose your shit, but I'm a say it was worth it. 

Yup, come at me, sobered up, now test me.
Hearts sold and it's Godly, nothing seems out of reach, I say it proudly. I'm the one who keeps clowning me, yep, that's me. Lessons learned soundly.

Cut it loose; play back truths. I'm sick of dreaming 'bout this fucking noose. Cut the ropes, watch out for the dupes, take a double of a hundred proof; then wash it down in a cloud, you know, "poof," then cough till my chest is heavy and fighting for breath.

Let it out thick, but don't play any tricks. Play the course, and let nothing fool you; I say that calmly. You want honesty well here it is proudly, I'm a head-case, and that's batty; full swing, I'm going in heavy like a ball park frank covered in that beefy sauce from the chefs special chilli. Yeah, it's all a tad silly, but really, sometimes I'm not alright, and that's just gonna have to be okay, I'll say it loudly. 


  • Jul 14, 2022

  • Jul 14, 2022

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    Jul 19, 2022

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