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Don’t touch Me no more.
This cannot go on
Another second,
Butt It seems  
You have Me in a bind
Outstretched hands in twine
 With legs 
Stretched-out and Zip tied.

Coming to eyes:  
Find I,
Lay in bed behind up,
Hands and feet Zip tied up 
Mouth, can’t tell 
All stuffed up.
 On back of Me  Saying, 
“ It’s going to get a bit rough “
Whispering this real tough,
“ Lawwwd  have Mercy on Me “.

Be-cause last   night
I didn’t shoot no lead,
Seemed muzzle fine!
But it was the 
hammer that dead.
Failing to fire
So I said
“ Get your Vibrator instead “,
Seems now Ironic As She digging  Out my asshole.

Oh God Help Me
Make it thru this night,
Tongue tied up-Choked  up 
Yo Bro,
 This ain’t even right.
Just because night 
Before when I 
Couldn’t  fuck my
Baby right, 
deserve this
Strapped tight
Ball in mouth:
Get out of my asshole!


  • you people are not smart tryna put thoughts in my head lol ive been on to your games for a long time now

    Jul 13, 2022

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