I'M DONE WITH YOU 2πŸ₯€ Read Count : 30

Category : Poems

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People will USE YOU until they can't  then turn around and take EVERYTHING BUT the kitchen sink

After 15 years of stealing and manipulating me why not leave me ALONE and let me be??

You can't change the facts of the shit you  ALL did the lies YOU TOLD TRYING to keep this shit hid

I was quiet as hell for 12 long as years  I suffered in silent MY bread was my tears

I'm done being there after years of abuse. Find someone else to manipulate and use 

When I'm done with you there's no coming back so stop harassing me everyday you attack

No means no and I'm NOT WITH it you had 15yrs but you still didn't get itπŸ’―


  • amazing!

    Jul 14, 2022

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