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 you left me and I shattered
Till nothing left remained
Of the me I ever was..
I'd never felt such pain
It soaked into my blood cells
And beyond, into my soul
Until everything I ever was
Shattered every whole
The pieces were so pretty
Within the blinding light
I followed them so willingly
Into that last goodnight
And there I met an angel
Who told me it was time
That I could make one final choice
To go back or goodbye
I didn't have an option
Though I wanted much to stay
But someone here still needed me
So I went on my way
And it was far from easy
To battle my way back
Through each bit of shattered me
That cut like broken glass
It was then my eyes were opened
To a truth most never see
Until they face that blinding light
And shatter just like me
That everything is only love
It's the only thing that stays
When everything explodes apart
Into shattered cold remains. 


  • Jul 11, 2022

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