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She heard the same excuses from all the men who walked away ...
She was always “too much” or “not enough” to them – or at least, that was what they said as they broke her heart …
Loving halfway or small was never her thing – she poured all of herself into it every time ...
And she was left holding the pieces of her broken heart when they vanished as they always seemed to do.
Her friends would try to comfort her by reminding her that those men weren’t the ones for her, but it didn’t make the heartache any easier.
She’d see the happy couples all around her and she’d lament that there must be something wrong with her since it never worked out for her.
She started questioning what she could do differently or how she could change to make men stay in love with her.
It’s easier to think that the problem is with you than to realize that the issue lies with trying to kiss all the wrong frogs and hoping they’re really the right prince ...
Because no amount of hoping is ever going to make the wrong ones be the fairy tale.
She soon realized that she had to love herself most of all, regardless of what all the dead end lovers thought.
She wouldn’t and couldn’t change to be someone she wasn’t ...
And moreover, she didn’t want to be anyone other than who she truly was.
She finally realized that being true to herself was the most important thing of all, and
Slowly, she began to own that truth ...
no matter the opinion of those who didn’t matter.
But, until destiny came calling, she didn’t really know what she wanted or where to go next ...
Only that she wanted to happy.
If that included love, so be it, but that wouldn’t alter her life choices any more.
That’s the thing about love – it chooses all the details we think we control:
Who, when and how.
So, when he showed up unexpectedly in the most improbable way, all she could do was smile and shake her head.
He wasn’t what she expected nor could she have ever seen him coming, but that’s the beauty of writing your own love story:
Each one is unique and wonderful in different ways – no two are ever the same.
So, as her eyes met his in a loving gaze, she realized why she was always too much or never enough for all the others before.
Meant to be has a way of making you forget all the mistakes and disappointments of loves past.
Her heart was full and her soul sighed as she finally knew ...
She had found her forever love ...
All of her broken roads had led her where she was meant to be – to him – and she wouldn’t change a thing …
Other than she would have found him sooner so that she could have loved him longer ...
In a love story unique and wonderful in all the ways she would always cherish.
Her love, her way, her forever.


  • Jul 11, 2022

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