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You remind me of who I used to be
Don't ever dim your flame
This world wore me down
When I refused to do the same
In the end, I think they won
Looking through my past
My life became the loaded gun
That came for me at last
When the smoke finally cleared
My flame; it was no more
It was smothered in  blood and fear..
 left me on the floor bleeding
And though I found the strength to stand
Screaming "I SURVIVED!!!"
I knew, on one hand,
parts of me had died
Years passed in that broken place
A darkness, so complete
That I could never find a trace
Of who I used to be
Then one day I saw a light
Flicker in the dark
It grew until I saw the soul
Made entirely of heart
Like lightening that lights up the night
I saw one final truth
I may have lived, but I lost the fight
That I still see in you
I hope you hear me when I say
Keep on glowing brighter
Be the flame that lights the way
And don't ever let them dim your fire. 


  • Jul 11, 2022

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