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Right now it's all about keeping it solid, like the ground we all walk on, but don't let the line make you think I think we're supposed to stay grounded. I'm feeling like I'm blasting off planet, alienatic mindset, lifting off in a mine-filled spaceship praying to God I don't ever have to come back to a life filled with, "you need to learn to deal with this shit." Fuck dealing, I ain't breaking, wait till I really get into it. 

Popping off, the word's laugh, best hold your guts, hope you don't spew when you laugh it off. They said you're gonna keep coming in last, that phrase, nice guys finish last, had me feeling too damn outta whack. I can be nice and still finish first, y'all just wanted me down and hurt.

Ask me if I care, that's a yeah.
Ask me if I care, that's a yeah.
Ask me if I care, that's a yeah but I'll be damned if I keep letting it all end the same way, so yeah.
Ask me if I care, that's a yeah. 


  • Jul 11, 2022

  • Seriously, you oughta think about being a song writer. You sure have the flair for it. Anyways, once again, good stuff. 💜

    Jul 11, 2022

  • Jul 20, 2022

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