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From His eyes rolls down an ocean of tears 
Oh no it's an abomination for a king to shed tears 
Sadness fills His heart no joy no cheers 
His image are perishing what else should be done 
That hasn't been done 
Great things from the ages he's done 

From the eyes of God rolling down a river of blood 
Crying for justice for innocent blood weeping bitterly 
Greatest of all His own blood whispering vengeance angrily
This image are sleeping without remembering their lord 
Resemblance of Him, created through breath are lovers of money anxiously 

From the eyes of God shows his passionate love over men 
For a drop of His tears could flood away the earth
A drop alone can put the wolrd into an end 
What a love!, Still a passionate drop
You could imagine it isn't the deadliest drop

His eyes are still blinking
His hands are beckoning 
His voice is  still calling

From the eyes of God 
Shedding down a drop of sympathy
Heaven are not feeling healthy 
For His image resemblance knew Him not as their real God. 
  • Bolualabi. O 


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