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A mistake, a burden, disposable, ostracized.
 I felt the hate of my existence. 

 The glares burned my skin.

 The gossip filled whispers,

 Became my dark smothering shadows 

 And they echoed in the drafty hallway of my lonely mind.

 I didn't ask to be conceived. 

 It's not my fault you cheated..

 Yet I paid dearly for your open spread out legs.

 You committed the sin and tried so hard to kill me in your bitter ugly womb.

 You filled your veins with lethal doses of heroin,

 Believing it would kill me.

 Yet here I stand.   

 You hated me for the color of my skin.

 But you should of hated you for committing the sin.

 If you weren't a cheating, selfish whore,

 None of this would have happened.

 And I wouldn't exist.

 Yet here I stand.

 Now I'm grown and you my egg donor mean nothing to me.

 I wish you emptiness, loneliness, misery, nothingness, bitterness and I pray you feel hated for eternity.

 The same as you cursed me for eternity. 

 Belong, wanted, loved

 Those I never have had and don't give myself the hope of ever having. 

 I know better.

 I don't belong.

 I am not wanted.

 I am not loved.

 I'm still paying for your ugly twisted sin. 



  L. Mack



  • Jul 10, 2022

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