A GIRL AND THE FEAST Read Count : 14

Category : Poems

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Black but beautiful like rainbow
A white teeth like a shining gold 
Wandering around house to house on her placed a bowl 
Sharing our culture festival favorite meal and yet cold 

Hey! Tulip! Here, don't forget me 
Hey remember am your friend give to me 
Am your mother's old sister's school friend
We're neighbors, and saying some hey pretty come let's be friends

Guess tired and sleepy she must be 
Well a lady like her is rare very strong she must be 
At the end of the feast 
Crying on her bed feeling pain under her feet 

Come let me give ye rest 
With me a pill of laughter to make you rest 
So you're an herb to cure my loneliness
The feast has ended please take a pill and don't be carelessness
© Bolualabi. O 


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