No Money No Me🥀 Read Count : 37

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After 15YRS YOU never paid a bill
Yet you tried to control the life I live

You interfered in my life and caused me pain. Had so many people hating me but only knew my name.

The lies you told to cover up your shit. You robbed me bitch I'm broke but you're the one rich

You took food OUT MY mouth and atracked my clan
You forgot this is the dirty south Where we don't spare no man

To correct YOUR WRONG you had 15 years I'm done talking and shedding tears

I'm done praying about IT MY next move is to expose
Ain't no need of crying bitch wipe your nose

When I'm not down with YOU AFTER the pain you "cost"
Know that it was nothing for me to take a loss

You thought I fell off but I forgot to mention
Every time this was MY INTENTION!!!

I'VE LEVELED UP 12 TIMES so if I fall it's STILL MINE...

No money NO ME is only what I'm talking If it's not about MY DIME than you can keep on walking


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