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Winking at the Umbra.
Elegant Heirloom of Solar Empress,
Cease onto Life.
Made not mountain out of a mole's,
The dismantled grits behind peak.
Etched for erosion and the breeze,
Moulder of the Heights,
Shelter for the sea bed Corals.
Darkened Vacuum it turned.
Pupillary black hole.
Never will it be known,
Veiling shade, the growing Bane.
Falling days for the sailing kind,
By dawn, broke the water in their eye.
Dock the youngest in the raid.
Entirety of life, Anxiety of mankind.
Coming to us in a while.
No Strings attached.
Will the blockade refrains?
Holding as much here,
What cause the stir at the other side.
If the Moment is right and tight,
Relay on the Knob.
Back in the clockwise lay.
Long waited kinking Pentagon


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