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Sitting on a beach in Oregon
Wondering why life’s gotta be this way
Smoking my last cigarette
As the sun sets on this day

Walking back to my hotel
Try to get some sleep
Thoughts in my head taunting me
Of how this came to be

Hey choose this
No, choose that
Somebody tell me 
Where it’s all at
Hey go here
Hey go there
Everything stop
Let me get some air

Hear the rain upon the roof
Dripping down the pipes
Gives me comfort for a time
So I can rest my head

And the choices made or not made
Have left me on this road
Is it time to change my ways
Before I become the toad

And the morning light
Shines in my room causing me pain
Time to contemplate my day
And what I should do

Would you like coffee
Would you like tea
Would you like sausage
Two eggs or three
We have several different
Toasts to choose from
Which would you like
Rye, white or wheat

And the meal I thought I chose
Turned out to be someone else’s
Now I’m stuck with oatmeal and hash
And toast I can’t pronounce

Choices in life
Seems they never stop
Will it be all I see
Is there anything to do
Where I don’t have to pick
One out of three


  • Jul 09, 2022

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