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Category : Poems

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Theme:: If I Should have a daughter


This damsel rolling in my belly 
Wish you an opposite in gender to Jerry 
If you could be a queen of beauty
On my back I'll swap you in beautifully 

If this big belly could produce me a daughter
One just like biblical prophet Deborah
A woman of justice with a strong vocal 
One like biblical queen Esther 
A woman of kindness, respectful and helpful to the local 

If I should have a daughter
Promise I'll be a good mother 
To be a daughter like my mother is not in my prayer 
But wish you to be strong in your world 
We are weaker bone to them in this world 
Please come like a messiah to our world 

If I should have a daughter
Be not like Delilah
But kind and lovable like queen Esther
Prior to all my earthly wish 
Having the most damsel daughter is my wish 
Pretty, adorable and wife to every responsible man's wish 
Leave me not like Dorcas come quick and sweet my bitter 
© Bolualabi. O 


  • Jul 08, 2022

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