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I couldn't imagine how hurtful it's to fall in love
It's easy but hard to straighten a heart that's curve 
Love is love but works differently when placed in the heart 
A mixture of lime and grape pour into a bottle and covered with a hat

 Keep for couples of weeks or four
 Unceal the ceal and taste a bit of love 
 Love is really a mirror
 Break it not is thy honour 

Guess tears only could flow when slicing an onion
Oh maybe experiencing a bad tumor 
Or if one get bitten by an horror
I knew not a man could cry because of love 

 It's not an ordinary tears 
But looked like one pilled for five years  Thick and strong like a beating rain
This feeling has caused lot of havoc am feeling pain
 © Bolualabi. O 


  • Jul 06, 2022

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