Running Circles🥀 Read Count : 43

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You can compare 
But I'm not competing 

The mistakes I made I walked over but you're still repeating

When I come it's always correct
That little ANGER YOU carry it's indirect

I'm not fumbling the ball just to let you shine
Baby I'm going to get it all
Cause it's already mine

After 15yrs I move when I'm ready you're making moves but ain't nothing steady

I'm tired of the games you play
Blocking me you better get the hell OUT MY way

I don't mind running YOU over after what I've BEEN THRU
All this is PERSONAL and for you and your crew

The cutoff was real I dropped the weight that held me back
Jealousy and envy everyday an attack

Why you studying ME and my every move
I don't HAVE NOTHING to prove 

I've always been number one and never 2 
I only saved that spot for you💯


  • That's a wrap!!

    Jul 04, 2022

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