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You're my salt and I love thee 
You're my joy and I'll forever cherish ye 
When all irritates me you came to comfort me 
When I began to move from top to bottom you lifted me 
Help me tell Him not to cast away my joy from me 

A gun is barren without his bullet
A barrel is barren when there's no water 
The fig tree was barren for it bear no fruit
Without you I'll be cast into the depth of sorrow 
And for peace and harmony I won't be able to borrow

Oh heaven let not my joy fly away
Sins should not let my comfort run away 
I am a fish that survive because of your comfort river 
All in me shall remain strong and new including my liver 
Just if you're with me I won't fear to die even if it's bitter 
Without you by death I'll be taken away 

Oh my dear joy 
Listen to an enchantment of this your boy 
And leave not my life but stay till eternity 
Without you I am not me
Spirit of God please  you're only that gives my joy. 
© Bolualabi. O ✍️


  • Jul 03, 2022

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