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I walk from my lands
To a cage on the plains
Reservation made
To keep my people chained

Walk along for miles
No food or water to drink
Land so hot and cold
Keep a man from thinking

No charity was given
No love shown to us
Here we stand quietly
The ghost of what was

Warrior cast aside
Slave of demon be
Hunter died inside
Because of drink in me

Dignity a loss
Pride no longer seen
Things taken for granted
I no longer see

Visions of a time
We held to our breast
Have no more meaning
No longer give us rest

Shall we hold in anger
Keep forgiveness close inside
Plan for retribution
For those who have died

Will the heart in us
Wither and die
Or will the warrior rise
And bring truth to the light

We must forgive
As we would be forgiven 
No longer laying claim
To retribution for the slain

We must show the way
To healing in our land
Warrior path renewed
Come and make a stand


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