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Lady Liberty is restless

Stalking about
Looking for a warrior
To stand up and shout

She calls out to her people
Come hear my voice
While there is still time
To stand and make our choice

Lady Liberty is crying
For those who have lost
Their reason for living
And persuit of happiness

Their rights have been trampled
By leaders promising the best
Tears falling in the darkness
Show her shame for our regress

I went to Lady Liberty
And asked her what was wrong
She said she was heart broken
For the liberties that were gone

The freedoms that were promised
To last us a lifetime
Have been take away
In the blink of an eye

She quotes from the constitution
The freedoms we were promised
And shows how little by little
Our innocence we've lost

Amendments keep on changing
And repainting a scene
That was once bright and beautiful
To something dull and obscene

Marionettes and puppets
Controlled by the puppeteer
That's what we've become
A group without a seer

Strung along and dragged about
No peace for our minds
Standing in the wastelands
Unable to see the signs

Lady Liberty holds me tight
And tells me to find what's right
To find the path that leads to hope
And promises fulfilled

Restore the firm foundations
Of a right and proper time
Help them find their heart
And give them peace of mind

She seats me on the steps
That leads to her dress
And regains the platform
And her original address

She stands their proudly
Proclaiming for all who hear
Come to my land
And I will give you rest

People lend an ear
For the time it has come
For us to stand together
And our enemies to overcome

GOD grant that we be humble
When seeking what is right
Pray for our leaders
And turn darkness into light


  • Jul 03, 2022

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