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I really don't have the energy to chase anyone or anything that DOESN'T WANTS to be kept...

 â˜†Part I

 I'm done TRYING to fit in places where I was meant to stand out; 

 I'm done trying to CATER to everyone else's needs when they only want clout

 I'm done bending over BACKWARDS OR going that extra mile

 Especially when the pain you give takes AWAY MY smile

 I'm done being the target for OTHER people's enemies

 While the whole time I rode FOR OTHER'S they became my frenemies.

 I'm done trying to LIFT others up Exhausting my own strength

 A user will never get enough Instead of floating they'll make you sink

 I'm done playing dumb after connecting the dots

 If you want to take the LEAD YOU can have my spot

 You can't walk IN MY call or in my shoes

 You want my life so bad...
 Talk to God He made the rule💯


  • Jul 03, 2022

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