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In life you can go out of your way to help OTHERS TIME and time again. Once you say NO AFTER the 11th time it's a problem, or once you ask them for a favor they can't do for you; as you've done for them. Having a good heart will put you in debt, being used and taking other people's kindness for a weakness makes the predators weak. Stop preying on people with good hearts CAUSE after you've hurt them you make IT hard for the next person. Lord knows after years of helping others I'll happily remove myself from anyone OR situation that I'm not comfortable in, or feel like you're taking advantage of me. I owe MYSELF better than the HELL I ALLOWED MYSELF to go through. I have no problem with cutting PEOPLE off. If your vibes off after we've been friends and I know I didn't do anything to harm you; I'm not chasing you. EVIDENTLY you already had offense in your heart. I'm too old for confusion and the only things I'm chasing now are PEACE, love, joy and money!!! Finding MYSELF was the best assurance I needed. I don't need FRIENDS WHOM turn on you for no reason; they were never a friend. As long as I have Jesus and my family I'm good. Keeping a circle small is less drama. It has taken me 40yrs to learn this truth and I'm really at peace with my decision. Unless PEOPLE GIVE OUT that SAME ENERGY NEVER LET NO one DRAIN YOU!!! 


  • Jul 01, 2022

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