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As I Set Here 
At Home Alone,
I Start Questioning Myself,
Is This Really Love That I Felt 
Because You Haven't 
Yet Made My Heart Melt,
All I Ever Feel From You, 
 Is It Breaking Into Two,
Leaving My Mind Lost and Confused,
Feeling Abused and Used,
I'mvl Not Sure What To Do,
Because I Truly Just Wanted 
To Be With You,
But Now I'm Done Falling
For Your Act,
I Have Finally Turned My Back,
I'm Walking Away,
 Im Done Asking You To Stay,
I Can See You 
Don't Wanna Change
For Me,
At The End Of The Day That's Ok,
Because I Can Create 
Beautiful Things On My Own
I Really Don't Mind Being Alone...


  • Jul 01, 2022

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