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To more of my lifetime
Valleys and shadows headed
Ups and downs for a longshelf
Grief and pain binded in my chest
Crying my lungs out at nights
Sunset and sunrises binded with blues
Blue-reded eyes of course
Cold tears flooding my eyes to every blink of an eye
Yes i suffered cries
Like a crying baby i was
Like a lamb without mother i was
But i will never stop trying

Woke up on myself and said"yes i plead"

How about i get this out
Vanishing the blues and starting again
Crying it out  now on my notepad , not my future
Working my fingers to bones
Burning midnight oil  like never before
Opening  my eyes to the rainbow above
Cherishing all my desires with anticipation
Hoping at my level best
I know i can do it better this time 
I  know i am  incredible
I am igniting dark sparks within me
I am working on my dream
Burning my candles,bowed and asking God to intervene


  • Jun 30, 2022

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