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I Just Wanted You To Be More 
Authentic and True,
Even Though You Was Rude and
Played Pretend,
I Was Still Right There By Your Side 
In The End,
Through Every Mood,
Good Or Bad,
Even The Nights You Made Me Sad,
It Didn't Bother You When I Cried,
I Know This Because Of All Your Lies,
You Tryed To Cover Up and Hide,
With A Different Alibi Every Night,
Everytime You Decived My Heart
and Leaving Me Alone In The Dark,
Now I Truly Believe That You Was Trying To Rip Me Apart Inside and Out,
With A Mask Upon Your Face,
Searching For Another Mistake A Chick To Take My Place,
Not Understanding I'm Not That Easy To Replace..


  • Jun 30, 2022

  • Jun 30, 2022

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