MÈSÓNŪ( KEEP SHUT) Read Count : 51

Category : Poems

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With your mouth like a parrot
Not all food are meant to eat with your beak 
Snakes may seems like a worm so don't pick with your beak 
The brick wall may be weak so never  kick in your beak 

Pick not a food from others to taste 
The food you ate must not be leak 
Not all agile wall is weak 
Be wise to keep all foods and close thy door not be leaked 

Hidden are my words as it flows from the heart
Be calm and open thy heart at the peak 
Gaze and digest and know what I mean by thy beak 
If only bowel could be freely open like a Calabash 
Then you would know not all food are meant to be picked
And all food ye are fortune to pick meant not to be leaked 
© Bolualabi. O ✍️


  • Jun 29, 2022

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