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One Time

You were 

Lookin so-o Fine.

I re-member You,

Like It was Yes-ter-Day.

A Young Mo-del,

Dumb and 

Full on Pride.

Always Cor-vette Dressed,



You were A Fucken Mo-del,

In You-re Ti-me,

When Pr-id -e  was the only Fu-el,

Fill-ing OUU-CH! Your Back-side.

Pro-pelling  You With Love.

Definately Had Us 

Whistle-ing Wat-ching 

You Park- Dri-ve  

And Re-wind.

..To be a Banana at 

The Tail End

Of Your Scent,


-Now It Smells  li-ke

A Pipe BOMB-ED! 

Ga-fil-ta Fish From Hell.

…Cooked  Lately ?

You’ve been  Scene 

At Other Sta-tions,

See-dy Fill-er Up-pers,

Gett-ing Your Compliments.

From The Noz-zle of 

Sus-pic-ious Af-ter 

Dark Fa-ces.

Gi-ving Fill-ers.

Suck-ing Off Your Tank,

Till Even Your Performance


No-thing Looks The Same.

Un-even in Every Gear.

Totally Flat in the Back,

Looks like That Crack,

In You-r Tank 

Is the Cause, 

Of All a That.


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