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I look at my phone as your name pops up and I breathe deeply.
It’s a hard place to be when you know what you must do but your heart is not ready to let go.
My mind has been screaming at me to move on for some time, a little bit louder with each fight or sleepless night.
I know what’s best for me, and I have for some time, but love is a hard thing to ignore and just walk away from..that’s where I’m stuck.
I gave us my all, being there through all the hard times and stood strong through the bad days, but sometimes, I felt like I was standing alone.
I tried to talk to you, share with you how I felt but you seem to me er really listen. 
You made me feel it or i didn’t matter.
Well, it mattered to me. 
We mattered to me.
You’ve broken my heart a little more every day with your hate filled and hurtful words.
It’s sad, but I’ve just hit that wall where my heart can’t take any more.
I’ve got to take my happiness out of your hands because it doesn't really matter to you ..and that hurts worst of all.
I just needed something- anything- from you to keep fighting for us..but I guess that was asking for too much.
Shame on you for making me believe that you wanted a future with me when we were fresh and new, and shame on me for holding on even when you showed me how much you didn't care. 
It really doesn’t matter anymore.
My self respect and my love are all I have left and I’m done fighting for us..
I’m fighting for me now instead.
Maybe I’ll look back one day with regret, but it will only be with the wish that things had gone differently and that you had met me halfway and tried to make us work.
I did what I could do, and I’ll move on knowing that I gave us our all.
Some people were meant to stay in our hearts, not in our lives.
I wish you the best, I’ll never forget the time we had and the love we shared, but I’ve learned  ALOT about myself..
It won’t be easy and I’ll still think about you all the qtime,
But as I decide not to answer  this first call, I’m making the choice to move on and focus on me now.
I’ve told you how I feel and what I wanted and it never really mattered to you,
What’s meant to be will always find a way, so I know I’ll end up where I’m supposed to be.
Wherever that is, at least I’ll be happy again.
In the end is that place around. 


  • Jun 28, 2022

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