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Yep, haha, right back to it,
I won't ever lose it. 
It's do or die right,
Who cares if I got a ride or die?

I'm gonna work on that one verb,
Thrive and I'll pray I never get too bored.
Here's where I come through heard,
From the throat, I'll cut out the toad;
I'm sick of carrying this big ass load. 

Always telling lies, I was there;
But I'm not letting shit end right here. 
Laying awake, yeah, I miss her;
I don't even care if it leaves me out the square.

Back and forth, I'll officially discard.
Who knew I could think this hard;
Wait, that's a rhetorical question, I knew all along I always had that card. 
The pot thickens, but these days the demons aren't the ones keeping guard.


  • Jun 28, 2022

  • 👏👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    Jun 28, 2022

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