Lolly Feelings Read Count : 16

Category : Poems

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Feelings that triggers ones heart 
And make ones day so bright 
When in the ocean of this feeling
Is like swimming in ones dream 

Sweet as lolly 
Bitter as bitter leave 
It relieves one heart like pouring out ones unrine from it's pipe 
Breaks down a soul like breaking down of a complete building 

If I could give it to a soul 
To take it back until any man can mob off an ocean 
It's a fruit that fell on the right land 
Likewise a fruit that fell amidst the thorn land

This an emotion that could make an undo to be done 
A feeling that could make a fragile man to lead a war 
A feeling that could bring an everlasting hatred 
An emotion that represent a dove and to another a wolf
Bolualabi. O 


  • Jun 27, 2022

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